5 reasons why a Family Studio Photoshoot is great in Winter...

Cosy up in our studio this winter!

Can you remember the last time you had a photo taken with your family all together? There always seems to be someone missing and let’s face it, it’s usually mum!

While the days are short and cold, why not book in a studio photo shoot with us. But why in winter and why in the studio?

Here are 5 reasons why a Family Studio Photoshoot with My Little Tribe is great in Winter. 

1. Your family photos need updating

If you can’t remember the last family photo shoot, it’s probably time to think about getting together again. There may be new additions to your family (including pets) and everyone is looking a little different (I didn’t say older!)

Winter brings a slower pace and less social engagements so you can usually find the time to schedule a studio shoot.

We’ll organise everything at our studio and take a mixture of family and individual photographs that represent all the relationships in your family.

We’ll even get your teenagers to smile!

 006 IMG 1402 jessica murray

 2. No need to reschedule due to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather! 

Melbourne often is ranked the world's most liveable city, but living here comes at the cost of unpredictable weather. Already this Winter we’ve had mild sunny days and dangerous storms that left much of the Dandenong Ranges without power for weeks.

As much as we love to do our outdoor natural photography especially in the warmer months, I think we can all agree in winter it is much safer to book into our studio. 


3. Cosy and warm studio, homely environment

Our family photography sessions are held in our cosy studio in Elsternwick. Your kids and pets will feel at home, we have heating, toilets, book, toys, dressing rooms and other amenities that can help make your shoot relaxing.

People often comment on how much they love the space and the kids love our selections of toys!

001 IMG 7378 180323 yvette 

4. The kids can be contained - even the dog can be contained!

They say never work with children or animals! Photographing young children and animals can be a challenging, especially in an outside environment where there is so much space.  We have had many a shoot where the kids run off in every direction and this can be tricky for everyone.

Our cosy studio in Elsternwick will make your kids and animals feel at home but more importantly contained!

Our studio shoots also take a shorter amount of time than a location shoot which means you can get your great photos and move on before the kids start complaining.

 010 IMG 2635 liesl2

5. More flexible times (as we are not waiting for optimal outdoor light conditions)

With the unlimited amount of creative freedom provided by our lighting set-up, we can schedule photo shoots to fit around your lifestyle.

We can dial in exactly the kind of lighting needed regardless of the weather outside so we are able to shoot at any time of the day.  

We would love to chat with you about your photoshoot, contact us here to find out more and to book in your winter family studio photo shoot.