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Great Places In Melbourne to Photograph Your Kids This Winter

Isn’t winter in Melbourne just lovely? Okay, so the unpredictable weather and bitterly cold nights aren’t pleasant.

But then there are those days of perfect winter sunshine. Plus there’s something so refreshing about layering up the warm woollies and going for a family ramble. And after you’ve returned home - all ruddy cheeked and bright eyed – you get to snuggle down together under the blankets with a mug of hot chocolate.

Winter is also a fabulous time to head outside and get some photos of your kids. The filtered light means less hard shadows (and squinty-eyed smiles). And - because it’s cold – the kids are often more willing to get in close for a hug (ok, maybe).

This time of year feels more relaxed in Melbourne – there’s not the craziness of the summer holiday season, or the mad scramble of back to school time. The slow pace makes for some truly relaxed family portraits.

To help inspire you to get out with the family, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places to take family photos in Melbourne.

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Carlton Gardens

With lots of dry, crunchy leaves still about on the ground your kids will love running around and having ‘leaf fights’.

The historic Royal Exhibition Centre also provides a stunning backdrop to your family photos (great to send to family friends out of town).

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Kerford Road Pier

This long pier at the Albert Park end of Beaconsfield Parade makes a great photoshoot location. On sunny winter days, the water looks almost bright blue, while at sunset the colours across the bar look spectacular.

Make sure you dress the kids in an extra layer to avoid the chill coming off the bay.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are great in spring, but we think it’s just as lovely to head here in winter for a family photoshoot.

There’s still plenty of foliage and vibrant colours on the trees within the grounds. And it’s usually a lot less busy at this time of year, so it’s easier to get photos at all the great spots.

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Yes we know we’re encouraging you to head out and take some photos. But when it’s just too chilly to get the gang out the door, you can still take some beautiful family photos at home.

Get your kids to sit or stand near the windows on an overcast day. You could get them to play with a favourite toy or read a treasured book while you snap away. Family photos aren’t always about capturing those happy, smiley pictures. It’s also the small, quiet moments at home that really tell the story of your family.