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Homelife (during lockdown) with My Little Tribe

Well it’s no secret that we have all had to add to our many hats in the last couple of months while we deal with lockdown in Melbourne due to the COVD-19 pandemic. I reckon we have all increased our hat collection by at least 10. Teacher, IT specialist, counsellor, personal trainer just to name a few. 

Our studio is temporarily closed for business or as I like to think of it we are in ‘hibernation’ until further notice! I am forever the optimist so I just keep repeating my mantra..”.everything is going to be ok” seems to work for me. 

We have 3 kids, year 7, grade 5 and 3yr old Kindergarten so our homeschooling regime is in full swing and it has been an interesting experience. We have been given a lot of guidance and ideas by our schools but it has been more challenging with the 3 yr old! Here are a couple of ‘extra curricular’ activities that we have been enjoying...

We have been getting to know our new neighbours over the fence and across the balcony in the last few weeks. The kids have made good old fashioned tinned can phones and played volleyball over the fence - hand washing in between of course! 

In case you have forgotten about these communication gems, you can check out a ‘how to’ here:

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Young love has also been growing across the balcony between my 3 yr old and their 9 yr old daughter - (he walked in and announced that he wants to marry her) so naturally we made a penne pasta necklace for her...too bloody cute!

I would love to hear your experiences during this lockdown period and any ideas you could share to keep us all occupied are welcome! 

Clare x