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3 Things Not To Worry About For Your Family Photo Session

We know that booking a family photo session is a big deal for many families - especially if it’s your first time getting professional photography. And we’re so excited every time we get to be part of capturing your families memories.

We’ve written before about what to expect at a family photo shoot... But as much as you can prepare for your photoshoot, we also know it’s natural to worry about things before your shoot. While our process makes things as smooth as possible (and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have along the way), here’s a few things you shouldn’t worry about for your family photo session.

Don’t worry if they won’t smile

Kids: they never want to do what you want them to do at the right time.

It’s totally natural for your usually incredibly happy child to suddenly turn into a little shy in front of the camera.

We won’t try and make them smile. In fact we find the best thing to do is to tell them not to smile, whatever they do (gotta use that reverse psychology on them before they turn into teenagers).

Most of the time we can get even the shyest of kids to come out of their shells. By the end of the session your kids will be giggling at our bad jokes and telling outrageous stories.

But if your kid just won’t crack a smile during your session, don’t worry. We think all expressions are just as wonderful and reflect the unique personality of your little one.

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Don’t worry if they get a bit messy

You spend all night preparing their outfit for the photoshoot and on the way there your little darling leftover bit of chocolate down the side of the seat and proceeds to smear it majestically straight down their front.

Kids are messy, and scruffy and just down right disgusting sometimes. And we love them anyway.

We’ve done some wonderful photoshoots with kids with ice cream smeared all over their face. And photo shoots we’re the kids have jumped in puddles or rolled around in the dirt. And those photos are treasured by their parents because they reflect the personality and joy that is being a kid.

So while we totally get why you want that gorgeous, clean family shot (and always suggest bringing a change of clothes!), those messy ones are just as valuable.

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Don’t worry if it’s not perfect

We find this is less often about the kiddos and more about the parents themselves.

If you’re having a photoshoot at home, please don’t feel like you have to make your house look Vogue magazine perfect (in fact we’d rather you didn’t). Clear away the clutter if you’d like, but just like our kids can sometimes be a hot mess, we all fail sometimes to get to the washing up for a couple of days and sweep the floor of stray cereal.

The more you worry about getting it perfect, the more your kids will pick up on that and reflect it in their energy.

Instead of worrying about how everything looks (we’re the photographers so that’s our job) just worry about enjoying the experience for what it is - a lovely moment with your tribe and memories you’ll treasure for years to come.

Clare x