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Simi's family on location with My Little Tribe

We had a fantastic shoot earlier this year with a gorgeous family of four. We are always open to new locations and we encourage our families to choose a place that is special to them for their shoot. We asked Simi to share a little about their experience with My Little Tribe…

Tell us a little about your family?

We are an animal loving family, who enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures.

Why did you decide to have a family portrait session?

We were gifted a session and couldn’t be happier with the friendly and accommodating service that was accompanied by fantastic photos!

Where did you choose to have your family photo shoot and why?

We chose to have it down on the farm with our horses. As mentioned above we love animals and love being outdoors it’s a big part of our life!

How did you and your family find the whole experience from photo shoot to selection to delivery?

Definitely 11 out 10 experience. Grant was fantastic with our kids and all the photos are natural and stress free. Clare was warm and welcoming and really personal and generous when it came to choosing the photos we loved

Why would you recommend My Little Tribe to your friends and family?

Clare and Grant have a special talent and make a great team. I’ve never felt so care free and less stressed about photos with my children. Even my husband enjoyed himself and got a few good laughs in and some very special photos with his kids!

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