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Introducing Parent's Group Photo Sessions

Like many new mums, after I had my first child I joined a mother’s group organised by my local maternal health centre.

Honestly, I wasn’t so keen on the whole mother’s group thing. I had this idea that everyone else would just be really good at the whole new parent thing, while I had no idea what I was doing.

But after that first meeting I realised that my mothers group was going to be one of my best support networks. It was so lovely to be among a group of people who understood exactly what I was going through, right at that moment.

We shared all of our experiences - good and bad. The milestone moments and the times you questioned if this little bundle was really your baby and not some cruel experiment to see just how little sleep one could function on (admittedly mine was the baby that just wouldn’t sleep).

We laughed, cried and celebrated together. And it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the whole no-sleep, what-am-I-doing, sometimes-monotony of baby raising.

And the best part of course was holding a mini-birthday party as each little bub turned one where we attempted to wrangle all the kids together for a group photo - not easy at all!

I wasn’t working for a few years when my babes were little and I so wish we’d brought in a photographer to document our little group before we all headed off in our separate directions once maternity leave ended.

After reminiscing on these days and thinking about how I wished I had some photos of our little group of babies, I decided to put together a package that would celebrate how important new parent’s groups are and what those friendships mean.

The My Little Tribe Parent + Bub Photo Shoot is a fun studio portrait session just for your new parent’s group.

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About the Parent's Group Sessions

Give us a call to chat about your group. We’ll send through a few available dates and you can discuss with your group to decide which one suits you best and book it in.

On the day you’ll all meet at our sunny Eslsternwick studio where we’ll put out drinks and snacks. In between laughs and nappy changes we’ll photograph each bub in a 15-20 minute session.

We’ll also use our baby-wrangling skills to get all the little ones together for a group photo to remember your tribe long after your babies have become rambunctious toddlers.

You’ll choose your favourite image to receive as a 8”x12” mounted fine art print and 2 5”x7” copies to give away to family and friends. You’ll also get a high res jpeg copy of your image so you can share it on social media or print more copies if you need.

Your commitment for all this is just $99 per baby (discounts available for twins).

For more information and to enquire contact us here...


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