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Multi-Generation Family Shoots

Why multi-generational photography is is a fun way to get the family together

The last year has been tough for families, as the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to ‘normal’ life for most of us, especially in Melbourne where we were in lockdown for almost 6 months. Many people felt a deep sense of sadness and loss from not being able to see their loved ones particularly their parents and grandparents. Excited mum’s to be were unable to introduce their babies to the people they love the most. Many have said they can’t remember much about lockdown because there were no defining moments, no trips, no parties and lack of social etc.

Now that we have more freedom to visit our families, there’s a great opportunity to get your whole family together for a multi-generational photoshoot.

It makes a beautiful keepsake for the whole family and captures all that love and laughter and records the moments the family has together as the children grow.


What are some examples of multi-generational photography?

Some ideas for your multi-generational photography might include:

The whole extended family photo shoot
Grandparents and kids photo shoot
Family photo shoot with your pets

The whole extended family photo shoot

Extended family shoots can be chaotic but definitely worth the effort and co-ordination and make a memorable photo experience. This is for those families wanting a big group photo of their extended family.

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Grandparents and kids

A lovely idea for the beloved grandparents is to get them together for a beautiful photo shoot with all of their grandkids. Grandparents have a unique role in your child’s life and there’s no better way to celebrate the wonderful relationship they have.

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Family photo shoot with your pets

Family photos wouldn’t be complete without the fluffy members. For many families their dogs and cats are just as large a part of the family as any other family member.A family photo session involving pets can be a little tricky but is a blast.

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A multi-generational photography shoot can build some beautiful memories that you will be able to look back on and enjoy in the years to come.

Contact us to book in your multi-generational photo shoot.