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Why You Should Print Your Precious Family Photos

Digital photos are amazing, aren’t they? At the click of a button you can send copies of your family photo shoot to nan and pop in Queensland. Or upload your newborn portraits to Facebook for all your friends to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over.

Having digital photos stored in the cloud is also great for preserving those memories. You don’t have to worry about your digital images getting destroyed, or misplacing a treasured album.

But keeping those photos online also makes it difficult to actually enjoy them. How often have you actually gone back and looked at those images on Facebook from five years ago? And when we upload photos, we tend to keep the good along with the bad, which makes scrolling through them less of a joy.

At My Little Tribe, we love the feeling of holding a finished print in our hands. And we know the joy our customers get when they pick up their artwork or album.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should actually bother to print out your favourite photos.

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1. Pictures spark stories and conversation

We’re sure everyone has memories of visiting their grandparents and looking at all the old pictures hanging on the wall. Just pointing at a photo and asking “who’s this?” can start a story that takes the whole afternoon and at least one packet of Iced Vovo’s to tell.

Having your photos displayed at home can spark conversations that help children feel more connected to their family. And as a bonus, it may get those kids off their devices for five minutes!

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2. Family photos on the wall encourage family happiness

Having a visual memento of the good times, even when things are difficult, can help pull a family back together and give children a strong sense of identity and security. Plus, taking a family portrait can be a bonding experience!

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3. The technology to view electronic pictures may become defunct

While jpegs might not ever go the way of floppy discs, it is possible that at some point in future you’ll no longer be able to find a program that will allow you to you digital images.

Technology is constantly evolving, and if pictures are just forgotten on a hard drive somewhere, they may be completely inaccessible in twenty years.

At My Little Tribe, we know that you want to share your photos digitally, too. That’s why, with every finished art print, we also give our clients a free file to share on social media or through email, so you can have the best of digital sharing and physical, printed photos.