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Why You Need To Plan a Product Photoshoot for Your Brand

If you run an online store (or even a real life store) you know how important it is to be visible where your customers hang out. Social media is a great place for people to discover new brands, connect and eventually buy from them.

Having great images is key to capturing attention in social media dens like Instagram. We’ve been involved in a few product photoshoots recently and we’ve got to say, there’s a heap of reasons why you would want to plan one too.

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Get a Bank of Images For Your Social Media

One of the biggest problems with social media is coming up with new things to post every day. And if you’re busy, or your headquarters are just a bit chaotic that day you’ll probably put if off. And the next day. And eventually you haven’t posted for a week and your followers are forgetting what you sell.

Sure organising a product photoshoot takes a bit of time and effort, but you’ll end up with dozens (and dozens) of images you can use throughout the months ahead. Feeling uninspired one day? Just grab an image from your folder, add an interesting caption and you’re done.

Your Products Are Shown In a Natural Way

Posting plain images of your products on a white background is important – especially on your website – so potential customers can see the details before they buy.

But for social media, plain product shots just don’t resonate as much.

With a product photoshoot especially geared to social media, your products will be shown in a more natural way, alongside complementary items and being used by people just like your customers would use them.

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Customers Can See How Your Products Would Fit Into Their Life

We know often there’s nothing ‘real’ about social media. “Casual” images of gorgeous interiors and perfect spaces are painstakingly created. But people can still imagine from those photos what your product would look like in their home, as part of their life. That’s why catalogues often show really staged images – we can use our imagination a lot better when we’re given more visual clues.

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Helps You Create Stories For Your Brand

People want to connect to why you create what you do. A product photoshoot can be used to develop a particular story around your brand and your customers. That might be the free spirit or the minimalist, the travel lover or the homemaker.

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Develop Relationships With Similar Brands

We think the best part of a social media photoshoot is bringing together complementary brands. And we’ve found those relationships have continued well beyond the day.

You might meet someone at a market and really connect with them. Or perhaps you follow them on social media and just love their style (and think it really matches what you do). Suggest that you get together, share your resources (and the costs of a photoshoot) and create something that benefits both (or more) of you.

We’ve had so much fun shooting some truly fabulous brands this year, for more information check out our Commercial page If you’re keen to find out more, contact us and we’ll send you the details.