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Mother's Day 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all the special women out there! Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers and all of those special people that fill our hearts with love everyday.

What will you be getting up to you this year? My Mum is self isolating so sadly like so many of us, we won’t get to see her in person this year. She will be receiving our stock standard gift though...a photo of the kids of course!

I’m hoping my day will start with pancakes and coffee, followed by a long hot bath while the house is being tidied up from the night before...and then after being showered with love we’ll get out and about for some fresh air before another day in lockdown kicks in and we start to kill each other...!

We live close to the sea so walking, riding and scooting has been an everyday activity for us and is our immediate go to, to look after our mental health. We found a beautiful Fur Seal on one of our walks in Bayside, Melbourne recently and were completely captivated. We named him Rocky :) 

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More than anything this year, I’m feeling grateful for many things. I’m grateful that we live in Australia and have been relatively unaffected health wise by the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the likes of Italy and the UK. I'm grateful for the health workers working tirelessly through this pandemic. Our business has been affected but we are lucky that we feel supported by the Government and that we will come out the other side. I’m grateful for the support from our clients, many who have contacted me to check if we going ok with our little business. 

We’ve loved seeing all the good come out of all the pain and uncertainty. Teddy bears in windows so we can take our kids for a bear hunt around the neighbourhood. Rainbows in windows and positive chalk messages on the footpaths. Knowing looks and smiles that feel like hugs from fellow passers by on my walks. Our teachers and schools for looking after our kids and structuring home schooling so well. The list is endless..

So, Happy Mother's Day all! Enjoy your family time - I have a feeling I’m going to long for the time we spent in lockdown. (BUT it will be great to get back to work properly soon!). 

Take care,

Clare x