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5 tips for Summer Photography

Summer is the time for summer dresses, delicious cool salads, summer cocktails and long days spent outside. It’s also a great time to get the family together for a photoshoot. We’ve put together a list of family photography tips for your photography this summer.


Tip 1 – Location Location


There are plenty of great places to shoot family photography. Of course the sun, sand and waves make the beach the first one that comes to mind. Photographing the beach means balancing the time of day and the crowds to get that perfect shot. When taking photos at the beach you're better to go with a low ISO setting, around 100 or 200, in combination with a smaller aperture.


Other great summer locations that aren’t the beach around Melbourne include the local parks, the botanical gardens or if you want to go further afield the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley. There’s something about vines in summer that make fantastic photos.

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Tip 2 - Master the light⁠

Knowing where the sun sets, where the sun rises, and how the light will illuminate various subjects during different times of the day will help. Aim for the golden hour (the hour before sunset when the light is golden), but don't rule out other times of day.⁠ You will recognise golden hour by its typical yellow-orange light that gives it a magical appearance.


Keep in mind that if you take photography in summer during midday hours, you’ll have hard light and undesirable shadows. Especially on people’s faces, kids don’t love squinting into photos. Not to mention being out in the heat.

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Tip 3 – Try Black and White


To find the stories within the shadows, strip out the colour - this forces our eyes to focus on the finer details. Black and white can give you incredible dramatic images that any colour can dilute. It amplifies elements like water (think sprinklers, pools, hoses and waves) within the frame.  Black and White family photography can be a great way to bring out the small details of your summer and will bring that nostalgic feel for summer memories past.

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Tip 4 – Look for lines


Good photographers can create images that naturally draw your eye along subtle, organic lines to a specific focal point.  Check your surroundings you’re shooting and look for natural and manmade structures that could be positioned in the frame to create strong leading lines.


Maybe the lines of a fence, the natural curve of where the water meets the sand or a path. Use the lines to draw the eye toward the subject or add interest into the scene.

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Tip 5 – Remember to edit


Great photography doesn’t end once the camera is packed away, post processing is important and can make the shot more dramatic.  Adjust the exposure and colours and use the drop tool to make sure the horizon is straight. If you have access to Lightroom try a couple of filters.

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We love warm summer photo shoots and hope you can take some of these tips to produce summer photography that you can look back on fondly for years to come. If you’re interested in professional photos, our natural family photography sessions are held at a location of your choice. Choose from your local beach, a leaf-filled park or your favourite family hangout.


Contact us if you have any more questions or to book in your family’s photo shoot.