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Homelife - Staying connected and crafty!

Staying connected during this lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic has connected our community more than ever in my eyes. Many of us have been feeling low at times and in our household two major things have been keeping us going. Online catchups with friends and craft!

My eldest has been researching apps that help young people with anxiety (very clever school initiative) given the current climate. We like these two:

Mind Unwind:

One of my close friends is a Psychologist and started a Podcast called Harnessing Wellness Weekly to document and discuss how we have been coping during the lockdown. Basically it's a few chicks having a casual chat - so if you would like to have a listen you can find the episodes here...we are amateurs and do try very hard not to swear so bear with us!

Oh and ‘FaceWine’ (FaceTime with wine) has been essential for social catch ups too, although I think the novelty is starting to wear off plus I'm starting to reduce my alcohol intake as it has definitely increased during lockdown.

We love a bit of craft over here...crochet has been on the list and handing down my somewhat limited knowledge of knitting has also been fun. My youngest daughter has been knitting while sitting through many zoom class meetings this week! So good for all of our wellbeing.

Check out Bella Coco - great crochet tutorials.

Embarrassingly, I think I have RSI from knitting a very long scarf - yep, true story.

I would love to hear your experiences during this lockdown period - feel free to connect with us!

Clare x