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Brittany's Bump to Baby Shoot

We had the pleasure of capturing this gorgeous family before the birth of their baby and again after dear little Hailey was born... Our Bump to Baby shoots are such a great way to remember your pregnancy and life before the new human arrives! 

Tell us a little about your family?

My husband, Marko, and I, along with our two original fur babies (Zorro--our seven year old cattle dog, who moved with us from Queensland down to Melbourne, and Ralph, our ten month old Bernese Mountain Dog), welcomed our beautiful daughter Hailey to the family in May.

Why did you decide to have a bump to baby shoot with MLT?

Always thought it would be special to capture this time, given it was going by so quickly. Also, given the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of the pregnancy was spent in lockdown and not socialising with friends/family as much as usual; therefore, not as many photos taken, especially towards the end of pregnancy, and wanted to be able to remember this special time.

Where did you choose to have your photo shoots and why?

We had the shoots done at our house, in our backyard, in order to be able to include our fur babies (which was extremely important to us, as they are a huge part of our family). Also with restrictions in place (which were fortunately lifting during the time of our shoots, which were only three weeks apart) and importance of social distancing, we thought this was the safest option.

How did you and your family find the whole experience from photo shoot to selection to delivery? Amazing! 

Why would you recommend My Little Tribe to your friends and family?

Very easy and relaxed environment--felt like Grant was part of the family, which made the whole experience so enjoyable--especially since we are not people (or animals) who love to be in front of a camera!

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