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Our Style

We offer a personalised experience, and the benefit of working with parents who understand how important it is to capture your little tribe’s special moments. Our aim is to make our sessions fun, and stress-free, with a range of both posed and candid portraits.

When children have fun, move around and engage in play, they become relaxed, and the moments we capture reflect their true personalities. The result is photographs that are not only gorgeous, they are genuine, and they will make you fall in love with your child all over again.

When should we book a session?

Sleepy newborn photographs are so precious. The best time for this style is before the grand old age of 10 days. This ensures we can capture those cosy, sleepy moments.

Although the newborn session is booked in advance to ensure availability, we will only set a date once your baby has been born.

It’s never too early to book! We recommend planning your baby portraits around the following milestones:

6 months – Sitting, smiling, and starting to express s their personality.

9 months – Look out, they’re on the move! Crawling, rolling and oodles of giggles.

12 months – Growing up…Standing, or even taking their first steps.

Any age is perfect! I love photographing toddlers, they are hilarious and live for fun. It is such a rewarding and exhausting age… Families often pick a date close to an anniversary, birthday or holiday date. But, anytime that suits the needs of your family is perfect.

How long will the session last?


Each session lasts between 1 to 2 hours, which allows for little people needing snacks, nappy changes and hugs.

What should I bring?


We love capturing spur-of-the moment, candid shots whilst your child is relaxed and having fun. Bringing an extra change of clothes and some accessories gives us even more to work with.

Studio, outdoors or on location?

Newborn and baby portraits may be captured in our warm and cosy studio or in the comfort of your own home. Child, sibling and family portraits are best captured outdoors, in your home or at the location of your choice, with plenty of room to run!

There is nothing quite like the beauty of the outdoors, the vibrant colours and the changing seasons. Choosing a location and activity that is special to your family is of course a great way to personalise your images. We also have lots of favourite locations…

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